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Can I Quit My Day Job Yet?

No real surprise that one of the most well attended (close to standing room only) sessions today at VON2007, was this panel: “All about the Benjamins: Who’s making money with web based video”

My thing is this..for any of this to work, there has to be a way for content creators to make money, a living in fact, for their product. While I don’t believe that it is incumbent upon distributors to develop the business model, it is ultimately in the interest of the industry as a whole that content creation remain a monetarily worthwhile endeavor. Jeff Jarvis has entered the internet TV space with a couple of cool offerings: Prezvid and Idol Critic. Lord knows he’s hoping to make a buck off of these, so i pigeon-holed him in the hall to get his thoughts on content plays.


Big day tomorrow…I track down Dimitry Shapiro of Veoh, and Dina Kaplan of Blip. Plus, Media on the Verge will feature cool video blogger with the phony, made up TV name Amani Channel and a demo of Dotsub courtesy of CEO Michael Smolens

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  • http://spaceygreview.blogspot.com/ SpaceyG

    Jim hon, you and are not “quitting” anything. We’re just “merging” day job with, uh, dream job. And so is Amani. Thus that glamorous name of his. Why do you think I insist on the full-monty byline of GRAYSON HURST DAUGHTERS? Dream big for me too out there. Give Jarvis a big ‘ole air kiss for me. Speaking of Jarvis’s BFF, seen Arianna haunting anything ’round there?

  • http://jonnygoldstein.com jonny goldstein

    Hey Jim,

    Glad you are reporting from VON as I’m not able to make it out there. See ya back in DC.

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