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Google Plus Beyond The Hype – Survey Results

Google Plus Beyond The Hype – Survey Results

I would like to thank all of you who participated in my Google Plus Attitude and Usage Survey. I received 447 responses and I think the data provides a useful snapshot of user sentiment. Now, a lot has happened in the week since I posted the survey. The day I made they survey public was the same day of Google’s rollout of official business pages. Yesterday, they opened they opened their API to third party social media management systems.  Hopefully, these developments don’t make the results too stale.

Google Plus Attitude and Usage Survey Results

The survey was a short, simple, eight question form aimed at finding out who’s on there, what they feel about the service, whether business pages will enhance the experience, and whether they plan on using the platform more in the future.  Again, thank you to those who participated.  Here are the results:

There appears to be a wide range of sentiment, but overall, many seem ready to keep with their Google Plus efforts.  Ultimately this is less about social networking and more to do with strategy.  Google Plus add a layer of social measurement within their page rank ecosystem.  So if you’re an online publisher, it’s less about engagement and conversation and more about that little +1 button.  It really doesn’t matter what you think about Google Plus.  Businesses especially may have to embrace the platform if they hope to maintain page rank.  I’m starting to like it better already. :)  So what do you think of the survey results?  Are they what you expected?

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  • http://about.me/KariRippetoe Kari Rippetoe

    Thanks for this, Jim! Interesting that such a small percentage of social media strategists are using Google+, as opposed to a huge percentage of “social media enthusiasts.” What is the profession represented by the red 14% (the text is cut off)? It would be helpful to know the difference between the various professions represented.

    • newmediajim

      Statistics are funny things. Maybe more “enthusiasts” responded vs strategists?

    • http://www.ann-sense.com/ Ann Marie van den Hurk, APR

      I think that stat maybe misleading since folks could check more than one. I know I did. A lot of of us wear many different hats including being a social media enthusiast and that’s how some of us started out in the social realm.

      I believe we are the 14% if going by the sequence in the survey then it would be marketing/social media strategist who advises clients.

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  • http://www.ann-sense.com/ Ann Marie van den Hurk, APR

    I have to agree with you with your sentiment regarding we are moving away from enagement and conversation if we are content producers in social media.

    I’m finding most of the responses interesting. While 36% are posting to Google Plus at least once a day, 31% are saying they get considerably less response than other social networks and 26% hear crickets. (That said it is hard to quantify what people define “considerably.”) So what does that mean? That Google Plus is just something folks have to be on or it is just for broadcasting? And what does it mean for businesses when almost 50% will enjoy it about the same now that business can have profiles? Lots more questions than answers for me.

  • Jennifer Wiss

    Good job. I agree with you. Thank you.

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  • Nicole Strada

    This is a great survey, thank you.

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