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Most employers have guidelines or policies for their employees who have outside blogs, and my employer is no different. I think these guidelines are useful and help prevent problems or conflicts before they arise.  Companies invest a lot in their brands, and their employees who blog, Twitter and engage the social web should be respectful of that.  So with that in mind:

The views represented here are my own and not those of my employer, or its parent  company.

Having said that, I’m proud that my employer is NBC News, and I hope that what I write here, and what I Twitter represents that brand well.  My goal is, and should be, to be a good brand ambassador.  I work with the best people in the TV news business and I’m honored to be part of a team I grew up watching.   Still, I wanted to do something different from the traditional disclaimer.  What I want to do is move beyond putting my thoughts at arms length from my employer’s, and give visitors like you a chance to say how you think they mesh.  Do they in fact mesh well?  Am I being a good brand ambassador?  I’m very interested in your thoughts on this.  So if you’re inclined take this easy survey and leave a comment.


As an employee and as a blogger,  I not only want to meet my employers expectations, but I want to prove that I am representing them well with my online presence.  Take a moment to answer the poll question.  I want my Disclaimer page to be a living, breathing expression of the value of my ideas and my value to the company.  You can also leave more expanded thoughts in the comments section  at the bottom of the page.  This feedback means a lot to me.

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